monge estressado.

my room still full of smoke. the place, it gets a different air everytime I do it here.

today I plugged in my earpods, once again after a while. something about getting outside of reality somehow, and still my stressors around, I get a different picture and sensation of what I am.
on the subway, its very late, people from everywhere doing anything, and this getaway somehow gets me closer to those elements that make me feel passionate about life, and I get some kind of satisfaction out of the blues.

there is something that I find so funny about it all. I get by the world behavioring like hell, sometimes my resting state is at its peak and anyways the evil things get to me. I urge to elude, thus I be. I urge to get to you again, thus I do not. I urge to smile, thus I am. and finally, I urge to cry, thus I just feel. closer,
and closer to being alright.

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