it just used to be forever:
you and I
against the world
you laught now,

i bleed.

Its here
knocking just again
I’m numb
And I can’t think straight

I am sick. My stomach is annoyed.

My body is dry
Thus, I can’t cry.
sometimes, just at night.

What should I
Or try?

Lost again
Stabbed in the back
Watch my back, watch my back!

Well then, its ok
I get it, alright
Go ahead and be!
I will make this cup dry
my lips can’t say it
so drink I may.

Dare me to retry!
That fucking dead culture
Of loving till you die.

Who am I kidding , I know
It’s just wishful thinking, alright
Let the next one come
So I can full myself
And then just become dry.

I am way more hurt
but I am whole.
– no holes
dissapointed instead

Lost again
Stabbed in the back
– watch my back, watch my back!

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