for my true friend and inspiration, Bush.


to love you
to remember you coming into my life
walking towards me
licking my ears as we both were little and innocent
I have grown a little older
and into me fits no innocence anymore
but there is something about you
you grown older too my friend,
but still got a child’s purity
I think that this something is YOU.

toc toc,
and that’s time beating you up
and I see you with the same eyes
the not so much little and young anymore
brother of mine
meeting pieces of death everyday
and people come in and tell me it.

– he is dying, he is old, they say.
they remember me of that
you don’t, do you?
you just live it piece by piece
and you love it
and you just look at me like its okay

you get it all
you have always got it all
right from the start

what a beautiful way to live
and what a beautiful way that you made me love you
my true friend
I drop a tear for you now.
you won’t notice it
it’s for all those beautiful moments

you are
and always will be a part of me
my nirvana
my extension
my friend
my love.

you know , they say
the human is something more
cause we got the language
this ability that you don’t have
but let me know
how did you do all this
touched so many, so much
without saying a word?

One thought on “for my true friend and inspiration, Bush.

  1. as palavras
    que jamais foram ditas
    estavam no olhar
    no andar
    e em todos os segundos de sua
    e só não pude notar
    porque meus ouvidos
    não estavam preparados
    para ouvir suas palavras
    bushcão …

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